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I am Valeria Orezzi - welcome to my portfolio! After years as a political consultant, I suddenly realised that, as cool as Remy from House of Cards may seem, the world of lobbying was not my cup of tea. A sabbatical later I discovered that my interest and passion actually laid in the world of creative strategy and digital campaigning and, since then, I have been devising strategies to persuade, engage and bring people together.  I am not afraid of taking a stance and fight to protect ideas from the mean hands of bad taste and lack of imagination. I love leading clients outside their comfort zone and get them to embrace new ways - we only live once, after all.  Social media is a big scary place but good ideas will always find their way through it... unless it's TikTok and you're not a teenager doing weird moves in front of the camera. Then, sorry - you're on your own. Some case studies are password protected. If you like what you see, then get in touch.

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The real cost of Uber - Shortlisted for the PRCA Digital Campaign of the Year 2018
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Mishcon De Reya
Cabbie Group Action
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